Keeping Motivated (Part One- Project planning)

There is no one trick to motivation in game development, but if you're the kind to create multiple projects, or flutter in and out of development because you 'just aren't feeling it'- this series is for you.

To start- a little something about myself. Since my studio was founded in 2015- I have experienced many challenges that have tested my motivation, but ultimately through combating them the right way I have completed every project I have started. Even when my first game was getting awful reviews and Lets Plays and I had to sleep at a friends and her familys, doing housework most of the day, I finished that game.

Starting at the beginning... When you have an idea- what do you do with it? The process I use tests my own long term interest in the idea. I will write it down- making sure I can spill at the very least 1000 words about it- maybe even 5000 if I am very excited. This can happen on my phone on Evernote when walking or on transport- or on my computer in the middle of another task, swept up with inspiration.

Leave the idea... don't prototype it, don't test it, don't waste time on it. If you get more ideas for it then great, add them. Then wait a few months. Finish your project and look at that idea and all the others you have been gathering and ask yourself these questions:

1) How much has this idea been in my head since I first wrote this down?

2) Compared to my other ideas- how motivated would I be to complete it (we are not covering costs etc in this blog).

3) Now I am re-reading this idea- how much does the prospect of having it as a real, playable game excite me?

Next- write down your development plan for the preferred idea. That plan should excite you, challenge you in interesting ways and encourage thoughts of inspiration. Do you know games with elements you want to add? Now you should have an idea that you are excited about pursuing!

In Part Two I will talk about how to motivate yourself through your projects development- keeping inspired, relaxed, and orderly in your approach.

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Thank you.

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