My Recommended Top 5 Game Development Apps/Sites: FREE

Game development is tiring, typically involving a lot of brain power, and may even require communiation with various team members. What you need are apps or sites that help organise what you do. This list focuses on the actual development and not the marketing/publishing.

This post is entirely unsponsored and based on personal experience.

In no particular order...

1. Trello

Trello is a number one to-do list app and website. With the ability to create notes and connect with team members- it becomes invaluable if you want to share lists that include images and videos in a way that is presented nicely and is easy to use. The key to Trello is collaboration. You can create a to-list for an artist, and they can tick of sections when completed, as well as comment notes underneath! Perfect. You can also view your lists on tablet/phone on the go!

2. Evernote

Evernote is an absolute favourite of mine. Not only am I a fan of the app, but Evernote has a great support team. Evernote focuses on you guessed it- Notes!

I personally use the app on my desktop and tablet to jot down ideas for games, make project plans, and track personal progress. I have notes for things to do, for game information, descriptions, links and important codes. It is really my development house and I thoroughly

recommend it.

3. Google Spreadsheets

Simple to use and free just like all the others- Google Spreadsheets allows simple collaboration. You can use it in your browser, and connect the same sheet live between yourself and other team members. Create tables for budgets, or another way to do to-do lists! It is a good way to stage out development- such as this: Model name | What is needed | Basic pose created? | Coloured? | Animated? |

4. Audacity

Whether you get your audio assets for free or you pay for them- sometimes you need a quick edit. Audacity is great for quick cropping, volume edits and combining sounds. For Spiritlands in particular, a lot of work went into equalising and layering sounds- Audacity made it very easy!

5. Paint.Net

If you can't afford Photoshop, Paint.Net is a fantastic tool for most artistic needs. Although it doesn't give you the vast array of tools that pricey alternatives give, it is perfect for simple edits, rescaling images without artifacting, creating User Interface sprites, and making logos.

Like Audacity it is a great app for game designers and project leads who might need to create simple content for games or edit existing artwork. With it I turned the assets from Guardians of Victoria into Brella's Run!

Hopefully this is helpful! If you enjoyed this article please give it some love, and maybe even share it. If you have any advice for future similar pieces or suggestions feel free to comment below!

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