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About the game


Project Abyss is a pixel-loving 2D survival RPG that takes place in the deepest place on Earth. Using a mixture of realism and fun, you control a diver and mini-submarine as you explore a living world of beautiful and deadly sea life, wreckages and enemy subs. Loot money for upgrades, complete tasks, unlock other submarines, and uncover more of the mystery deep below.

Utilise your equipment in a stylish blend of combat and beautiful aquatic moments, with a great original soundtrack and ambient sounds; we have created a living, breathing underwater world in pixel art graphics, with it's own day/night cycle. Much of the world is destructible, from blowing up wreckage doors with C4, to drilling and torpedoing your way through rock for fuel cells and chests.

  • Survive an often brutal world of bosses, turrets, and poisonous plants, filled with lots of sea life to find- including Sharks, Orcas, Whales, Jellyfish, and lots of fish!

  • Control your submarine with the turbines; as well as claws, weaponry, and drills! #Updated to include simpler submarine controls as an option.

  • The ability to explore outside your submarine, calling drones, repairing your sub and swimming through abandoned wreckages from pirate ships to a massive world war submarine.

  • Lots of equipment and upgrades to purchase along 3 tech-trees... Survival, Attack and Defence.

  • Pick up notes to build the story of one diver's destiny that will take you across huge areas; defeating bosses and unlocking the secret of the abyss.

There is a lot to see and do, with many hours of open gameplay!



“There seems to be a lot going on here, and with customizable submarines, upgrades and other augments at your disposal you’ll be able to make your jaunt throughout the depths of the sea your own.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“The art and design of the game immediately reminded me of the fantastic ... and it’s definitely not due just to the setting, but also to the amazing depth of view afforded by layers upon layers of background art.”
Big Boss Battle

“There literally is so much to do in the world of Project Abyss it is ridiculous!”
The Golden Cartridge



Explore the sea - David Obaniyi
Forward to Excellence - David Obaniyi
Final Test of Courage - David Obaniyi
Final Move on the Battlefield - David Obaniyi
Battle of the Fated Ones - David Obaniyi
Looking Glass - David Obaniyi
Full of Aqua - David Obaniyi
The End of the Beginning - David Obaniyi



Players who love the look and sound of Project Abyss will love this DLC!

Take a closer look at the art and the music of the game including:


  • A 94 page (47 double pages) art book, with individual pieces on display; works from Aaron Truehitt.

  • An exclusive poster.

  • 4 HD desktop backgrounds- including: Rachel, City Ruins, Bosses & a Logo piece.

  • A 10 piece soundtrack by David Obaniyi.

All content is a download and does not add to the base game.